The information was presented, woven together with practice and reinforced in a brilliant way. Along with the physical aspects of yoga, was a much more profound and deeper experience--exactly what I was looking for.  (Sonya O'Doherty, 2016 Graduate)

We offer a creative, engaged space that fosters open, curious, compassionate and collaborative learning and guidance, while providing lots of opportunites to embody the practices of Yoga. Our approach, rooted in tradition and informed by contemporary investigations into the human body, mind and spirit, embraces the whole person on all levels of what it means to be a human being.  While learning to teach contemporary yoga classes, you will also explore all dimensions of yoga practice in an experiential way.  Here are just some of the things we focus on to create a well-rounded, in-depth yoga teacher training:

  • You will live your Yoga, as you explore the many dimensions this rich tradition has to offer.

  • You will learn to teach yoga poses and structure classes that include all facets of Yoga, including breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra). 

  • You will learn how to create your own pose instructions.

  • You will learn anatomy and physiology through your own body and experience of yoga poses.

  • You will experience our unique embodied anatomy sessions to deepen your understanding of the integration of body and mind in the practice of Yoga.  

AYTT is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, the main association representing yoga schools and teachers in North America. Our 200-hour program surpasses their standards, which include: Yoga Postural Techniques and Breathing (100 hours); Teaching Methodology (25 hours); Anatomy and Physiology (25 hours); Philosophy/ Ethics/ Lifestyle (30 hours); Practicum (20 hours);  Electives (10 hours); Contact Hours with primary teachers (180 hours)

AYTT is the only Nova Scotia based yoga teacher training recognized by the Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners Association of Nova Scotia, qualifying for 60 Primary CEU's

​All of the following components must be completed to earn 200-hour certification:
● 8 non-residential weekends from September to December and March to June PLUS

● Home Practicum during January and February (5 classes) PLUS

● 6-day residential portion in June/July 

AYTT’s design helps foster personal and professional growth. With a maximum of 12 participants, the small-group size helps create a warm, supportive atmosphere offering lots of individual attention from your teachers, and interaction with all fellow participants.  Our weekend format provides ample time for integration, practice, study and rest between sessions. 

DATES -  INCLUSIVE (Dates are subject to change):


Friday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturdays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm with 1 hour for lunch

Sundays 8:30 am - 3:30 pm with 1 hour for lunch 
Attendance at all weekends and the final 6-day residential component is required to receive certification. Any missed time must be made up at your own expense in order to fulfill the required number of training hours for certification. Program instructors will help you determine how to make up any missing time. 


We are pausing to rejuvenate, and will not be offering a program for 2019/20.  Please check back for updates on future trainings.  Namaste, AYTT Staff


Why Choose Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Weekend sessions, suitable for a variety of schedules and travelling, plus an extraordinary 6-day residential experience that is not to be missed.

  • Experiential and multi-faceted approach. 

  •  Inclusive: We welcome participants of all ages and abilities, knowing that our personal experiences and challenges deeply enrich our practice, learning and teaching.  

  • Unique embodied anatomy sessions with osteopath-in-training, Carrie Abresch.

  • Supportive small group size - maximum 12

  • Longest running yoga teacher training in the Maritimes.

  • Prepares you to teach as soon as you graduate.  

You are invited and guided to live your Yoga during our weekend gatherings, at home and especially during our final six-day residential intensive. Our intensive takes place in a natural setting, removed from the urban bustle, where your continued training is supported by delicious, nourishing food and companionship. You will be compassionately supported to integrate Yoga into your daily life, with practices and mentorship that will awaken you to your most authentic being.


We believe that your best teacher is found within. Our skilled facilitators will guide you to discover your inner strength, confidence and knowledge while learning how to teach and assist others on their own journeys. Our program has fostered tremendous personal growth and excellence in yoga teaching. Graduates of our program tell us they feel absolutely ready to teach when they leave, while feeling a deep connection to Yoga and Yoga community.


Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) was the first registered 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Atlantic Canada and has been operating since 2000 with highly skilled facilitators, guest teachers and senior advisors.

AYTT was the perfect fit for me, as yoga is, for me, not just a physical workout. It has become a journey of self-discovery, a way of life. I loved to learn to teach asanas safely, but also delving into the Yoga Sutras; the embodied anatomy was great. Pranayama, chakras and meditation are sustaining my life. I loved the program; it brought me joy, and I ventured deeper into my yoga because of it. (Monika Boehringer, 2016 Graduate)

Our Program





While incorporating Yoga Alliance standards, our training format is inspired by the Three Stages of Kripalu Yoga, which offer an outline and guidance for the development of one’s personal Yoga journey over time. The following stages of our training unfold over the course of the program, with lots of overlap:


Stage One – Foundations

  • Learn the basics and groundwork for practising and teaching asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), relaxation (including Yoga Nidra) and meditation techniques to beginner students 

  • Investigate foundational anatomy and physiology, particularly as they relate to the practices of yoga asana and pranayama

  • Develop confidence and empathy through practice teaching of asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques in class and in a home-based practicum

  • Explore foundational teachings in the philosophy and roots of Yoga

  • Experience chanting as a form of yogic expression

  • Practice lots of yoga and compassionate self-observation


Stage Two – Explorations

  • Deepen knowledge of how to teach and enhance students’ experience of Yoga practices, including offering assistance in class

  • Expand knowledge of anatomy through personal explorations, embodiment and inquiries, as well as through a range of views and approaches to understanding how the human body moves, especially in yoga asana

  • Explore Energy Anatomy and the Subtle Body (Chakras, Koshas)

  • Expand self-observation and understanding, as well as Yoga philosophy, through an introduction to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science of health and well-being

  • Deepen personal practice and expand compassionate self-awareness ("Moving from Thinking through Feeling into Being")


Stage Three – Discoveries

  • Experience Yoga in daily life and the world (Yoga "off the mat")

  • Appreciate Ayurveda in practice through diet

  • Increase awareness of the inner landscape through additional practices, such as Meditation in Motion, to help us be explorers of our most intimate terrain

  • Develop creativity through personal self-expression

  • Explore the key pillars of practice through direct experience:  Sadhana (spiritual practice), Seva (selfless service), and Sangha (spiritual community)

Program expectations were surpassed. I feel so confident and ready to go out and teach. I feel so grateful to have experienced this. Out of all the Teacher Training Schools out there, AYTT was the perfect fit for me. The structure and flow was impeccable. There were perfect pauses in between to fully integrate what we had learned. The practice teach time in winter was so helpful in building confidence and putting what we had learned to the test. Camp was such a beautiful and nurturing place to live our yoga experiences. The food was excellent, accommodations were great and being together in community was such a rare opportunity and blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My heart is filled with love and excitement for what lies ahead. You have given me a great gift that I will treasure forever. (Molly Trussler, 2015 Graduate)



The unconditional acceptance of meeting a person where they were at, without expectation, and giving them (me!) space to do what was needed at the time was most beneficial. The repetition and different approaches to teaching really reinforced the knowledge. The gradual layers added through the course, leading to the stillness and awareness on "being" that was offered at camp. (Diana Mercer, 2016 Graduate)




Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training is an Investment in You:


$3200 (includes food and accommodations at 6-day residential component) + 15% HST ($480) = $3680


A $500 deposit is required to secure your place in the program, and is counted towards your program fee. This deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw after September 10 (if applying after September 10, a date will be determined).


There are three payment options for the remaining $3180:



Pay the full amount at the first weekend in September



Pay in two payments:

Payment One: $1340 paid in full by the first training weekend in September.

Payment Two: $1840 paid in full by the weekend in March.



Combination lump-sum and monthly payments - This option must be pre-approved by AYTT staff. All fees must be paid before the final 6-day immersion.

Payment One:  $1340 paid in full by the first weekend gathering in September

Payment Two:  Monthly post-dated cheques dated from March to June for balance of tuition


Tuition includes a training manual unique to AYTT.  The following books are to be purchased separately and are not included in your fee.  Please note that this list is subject to change—please inquire before purchasing.


Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat, Shobhan Richard Faulds

Yoga Sutra book (to be determined)

General Anatomy reference (your choice)





I've learned how to sit properly, details of postures, breathing techniques, history & philosophy, Chakras, anatomy. I learned to love myself for who I am. Learned that I am complete. Loving yoga even more. To be able to know that I am all I need. I am complete just the way I am. Nothing was not beneficial -- everything had its reasons and was very well planned. (Sylvie Cormier, Graduate 2015)    

We look for applicants with a minimum of one year experience practicing yoga on a regular basis, including formal instruction from a qualified teacher. Health professionals with some yoga experience will also be considered. Training to be a yoga teacher requires a significant commitment of time and energy, while offering many personal and professional rewards. Enthusiasm and a willingness to become immersed in the practice and study of Yoga will benefit you as a potential participant.

Deadline:  No Training in 2019/20

We will continue to accept applications as long as there are spaces available.  A $500 deposit is required upon acceptance to hold your spot.


Applications may be emailed to Jody Myers at  Information on making an e-transfer of deposit funds will be provided.

You guys are fabulous. I am so glad that I chose to do my training with AYTT.  It just kept becoming more and more clear as I went along that I couldn't have chosen a training that I connect with more in its approach to teaching and exploring yoga.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   Mireille Desilets (Graduate, 20170


Contact AYTT

Contact AYTT



I really loved the training. Challenging and inspiring. I feel well prepared to teach yoga for beginners. This journey will enter your heart and soul and enrich your life on so many levels. (Irene Fives, 2012 Graduate)