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Are you ready to become a yoga teacher, an ever-evolving and authentic expression that is your life and your yogic journey?

Dedicating yourself to intentionally and skillfully hosting spaces for uniquely personal experiences of spiritual transformation is a calling, an art and a practice. 

We believe that your best teacher is found within. Our skilled facilitators will guide you to discover your inner strength, confidence and knowledge while learning how to teach and assist others on their own journeys. 

We welcome you.



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AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Jody tree

This accredited Kripalu-inspired training, recognized for its high quality standard for over 20 years, will provide you with the guidance and skills to confidently and safely teach the yoga you love. 

Find out why, after 20 years of training yoga teachers, we believe in the value and richness of in-person training: WHY CHOOSE AYTT.

Why Choose AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training

Why Choose AYTT

Immersive experiences in choice locations are designed to foster personal growth, excellence in yoga teaching and help you discover your inner teacher…

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"AYTT was the perfect fit for me, as yoga is, for me, not just a physical workout. It has become a journey of self-discovery, a way of life."

AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Our Program

Our Program

A creative, engaged space that encourages open, curious, compassionate and collaborative learning and guidance, while providing lots of opportunities to embody the practices of Yoga...

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"The information was presented, woven together with practice and reinforced in a brilliant way."

AYTT - Atlantic YogaTeacher Training - Michelle Coleman


Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training is an Investment in You. Tuition includes a training manual unique to AYTT, online yoga practices guided by AYTT Staff and audio and video recordings from the training...  

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"It just kept becoming more and more clear ...that I couldn't have chosen a training that I connect with more in its approach to teaching and exploring yoga."

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Moving from thinking

and doing,

through feeling

to being...

We believe yoga is a science, a lifestyle and an art - a living, breathing dance of personal and spiritual transformation.

Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) was the first registered 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Atlantic Canada and has been operating since 2000 with highly skilled facilitators, guest teachers and senior advisors.

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"Program expectations were surpassed. I feel so confident and ready to go out and teach. I feel so grateful to have experienced this. Thank you! My heart is filled with love and excitement for what lies ahead. You have given me a great gift that I will treasure forever."  ~Molly Trussler, Graduate 


The teachers who will guide you and hold space for your unique learning journey are long-time graduates and founding members of the 200-Hour AYTT. They come together from across the country bringing their passion, dedication, skills and love of the Kripalu lineage to the training. 

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"The methods allowed me to feel fully confident to teach yoga. I was enriched by the program in ways I never would have imagined. Co-listening and open-hearted sharing were most beneficial. Knowledge can be gained by books but the creation of a genuine supportive and fully accepting sangha is difficult to create, and it was masterfully done."

~ Kathleen Manson, Graduate

AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Jody Myers


Training to be a yoga teacher requires a significant commitment of time and energy, while offering many personal and professional rewards. We look for applicants with a minimum of one year experience practicing yoga on a regular basis, including formal instruction from a qualified teacher. 

"The time has come. Your time to live, to celebrate and to see the goodness that you are." ~Swami Kripalu 

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