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Carrie Abresch

Embodied Anatomy, AYTT

RMT, RYT, Somatic Educator, Osteopathy (6th Year Student) 

Carrie Abresch, Embodied Anatomy AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training

My training began with a desire to explore the vast and intangible through movement, spirituality and healing. As a professional dance artist, I was in love with improvisational dance and yoga practice. In my spiritual pursuits I became a Buddhist, attracted to the deep inward journey into the nature of mind. And as a healer I studied Polarity Energy Balancing, Biodynamic Caniosacral Therapy, and Body-Mind Centering (BMC), seeking a relationship with subtle body and energy fields. These 20 plus years where rich and transformative. Exploring these philosophies and disciplines I have always felt I have barely scratched the surface, nonetheless I continual find myself on new ground.


I big shift came for me in my 40’s when I moved to Nova Scotia. My previous life in Colorado, California and Vancouver had accommodated my passion for the spiritual side of healing, but the culture on the east coast asked something different of me. It was time to bridge my learning with more in depth science. In 2014, I completed my massage therapy degree from Northumberland College and in 2016 I began my osteopathic studies with the CEO Halifax campus. I am in my 6th and final year of post courses completion work. During this time I have attended several anatomy labs at the Health Sciences department of DAL, learning from cadavers.


As an anatomy teacher I bring all of this together. The ground of my anatomy teaching is an embodied approach sourced from my training in Body-Mind Centering, BMC, which was developed by Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen in the early 70’s as a form of learning through experiencing and sharing. Bonnie is an international somatics expert on infants and babies with neurological challenges, movement training for professional dancers and musicians, and yoga, emphasizing the inner path of yoga practice through deep inner sensing and journeying. I am certified in her Developmental Movement and Yoga program, 2010-2011, and I studied her Embodied Anatomy as part of my Movement Studies degree from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, 1990-1992.


My osteopathic studies have brought significant depth and precision to this understanding. My experience is that the more I know anatomy and physiology, the more potential for clarity and potency in both my healing work and my personal journey of inner knowing. From embryology to present day physiological functioning, the body shows us the mysteries of the universe; the microcosm represents the macrocosm, illuminating the inseparability of phenomena.


The greatest joy is to share this journey with others. For over 20 years I have taught therapeutic movement and somatic yoga utilizing my training in pilates (full certification- 1999), yoga, and BMC; teaching individuals, group classes and workshops as well as the embodied anatomy course through AYTT. I am honoured to be a part of this heartfelt and integral yoga teacher training and look forward to meeting you.

AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Carrie Abresch
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