Our Graduates

The methods used allowed me to feel fully confident to teach yoga. I was enriched by the program in ways I never would have imagined. Co-listening and open-hearted sharing were most beneficial. Knowledge can be gained by books, etc., but the creation of a genuine supportive and fully accepting sangha is difficult to create, and it was masterfully done.  (Kathleen Manson, Graduate 2014)





Graduates of our program have introduced yoga to all corners of the Atlantic Provinces, bringing the practice to their communities, fostering the growth of yoga for all ages and ranges of abilities, and establishing their own yoga spaces and studios. Some of our graduates have gone on to specialize in such areas as Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Children, Yoga in the Schools, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Patients, Yoga for Round Bodies, Yoga for Prison Staff,  Bhakti Yoga, and much more, continuing to teach and share the practice all across Canada.