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Jody Myers

Founder, AYTT, E-RYT500
Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Advisor

AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Jody Myers

Jody first travelled to the Kripalu Center in the USA in 1980 where she met the great Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga master Swami Kripalvandiji, and studied with Yogi Amrit Desai, the primary founder of Kripalu Yoga and Amrit Yoga Schools. She also studied with several other key founders and teachers of Kripalu Yoga, Amrit Yoga, and a number of visiting teachers from a variety of yoga traditions.  A successful athlete and teacher, Jody immediately connected to the yoga path, particularly the spiritual aspects, while also embracing Kripalu's teaching and artistic lineages. Following the vision of her teachers, Jody founded Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (in the Kripalu tradition) in 2000, and was a lead teacher in the program for 12 years.

Jody has taught continuously since 1980, and still loves to teach regular yoga classes, as well as lead retreats, workshops and trainings in the spirit of Kripalu and Amrit Yoga traditions, infusing her teaching with intuitive understanding, simplicity, clarity and creativity. Jody is a published author, and has also developed her joy of yoga through family, friends, performance art (including 12 years with the touring No Strings Mime Troupe), visual art, nature, dance, cycling, chant and storytelling. For Jody, the yoga practices provide a common sense approach to wellbeing, and are a direct and immediate way of relaxing into the inner Source or Center where she has learned to trust spirit deeply. Jody is a natural leader and holds a Bachelor of Physical Education and an E-RYT500.

Jody lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Explore her yoga classes and offerings at

AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Jody Myers
AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Jody Myers
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