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You are invited to live your Yoga in a beautiful retreat setting during the two 11-day intensive residential experiences, the first part July 3-14, 2022 and the second August 17-28, 2022.


The two residential intensives take place at The Deanery Project located in Lower Ship Harbour on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, about an hour from the capital city of Halifax.

This beautiful and inspiring facility exists on a gorgeous 25-acre oceanfront property complete with hiking trails and ocean access. Founded in 2011, The Deanery Project has become a dynamic education and demonstration site for environmental sustainability, skills development, the arts, and community building. The lived values of The Deanery are well aligned with those of yoga - honouring and cherishing our relationships with life, the environment and each other. 

Removed from the urban bustle, your training is supported by the beauty of nature and her bounty: delicious, nourishing local food. You will be compassionately supported to integrate Yoga into your daily life, with practices and mentorship that will awaken you to your most authentic being.

All food and accommodations will be provided by The Deanery. 

Accommodations are a comfortable dorm style, in small groups, with options to pitch a tent, for those who may like an additional private space.

This sharing situation will only occur among AYTT program participants.

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