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Awakening the Divine Heart of Yoga: an Urban Retreat for Yoga Teachers

February 17, 2016

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Awakening the Divine Heart of Yoga: an Urban Retreat for Yoga Teachers

February 17, 2016

Awakening the Divine Heart of Yoga: an Urban Retreat for Yoga Teachers

with Jody Myers

Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher


April 30 – May 1,  2016 

10:00 – 4:30   Saturday

10:00 – 3:30   Sunday


Cost - $150 + HST  (includes lunch)




Location: Chocolate Lake Studio  (limited to 8 participants)

                  7-11 Balcomes Drive

                  Halifax, B3N 1H9

(2 minutes from the Chocolate Lake Hotel on St Margaret's Bay Road)



We spend a lot of time as western yoga students,  studying, practicing and learning about physical and energetic anatomy, physiology, mindfulness, yoga’s benefits and methods, and philosophy.  It’s all important to varying degrees depending upon your leaning, your needs and interests.  However, not a lot of time is spent exploring the heart of yoga - how to embody spiritual life, how to encourage it, how to allow it expression, how to awaken into it through yoga practice, what are pitfalls that cause danger or that block continued access to spiritual depth, how to trust the creative process, how to speak about and/or allow natural language that invites our students to feel yoga to be not only a physical and mental practice, but a true passageway to the divine.


As you progress in yoga, gaining understanding and openness into this “spiritual” dimension becomes a constant source of inspiration and eventually becomes, overall, the most important aspect, the truer purpose for your personal practice and your teaching practice.  This is not a theoretical or philosophical or overly willful approach, but a direct middle path that  manifests naturally as we go from thinking, through feeling and into Being.  It is then, that one links with the inner divine, enriching the experience of NOW and automatically tuning into lighter frequencies that operate at different quantum levels.  The benefits of yoga at this point, are magnified exponentially.


During ths weekend experience we will explore “postures of consciousness”, pranayama, meditation in motion, yoga nidra. meditation as well as expression through bhakti arts.  It will all be infused with Jody’s years of experience as a practitioner and teacher.  This can’t really be taught, only felt.  We will become aware of 12 important character traits that emerge as we awaken to spirit, as well as what causes us to resist this awakening.  We will explore grace in motion and work with the second half of postures as gateways to the light. 


Ayurvedic and vegan lunch will be provided by ayurvedic consultant, Yvonne Macor



Jody Myers has been a long time student of Yoga.  Jody met Swami Kripalu, a highly evolved kundalini yogi, steeped in ancient authentic practices, during his rare visit to the west in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  She studied extensively with the original developers of Kripalu Yoga, most importantly Yogi Amrit Desai (also founder of Amrit Yoga) and the senior teachers who worked closely with him.  The result is a beautiful, compassionate, approach, accessible by all,  which encorporates yin and yang, masculine and feminine.  Jody is a skilled, creative yoga teacher and workshop leader and has been conducting yoga classes and programs continuously for 35 years.  Having also explored a variety of yoga traditions, she has a depth of awareness and understanding of authentic yoga practices, both on practical and esoteric levels.  She founded AYTT200 in 2000 and currently serves as owner and adviser.   


“I want to send you my feedback for this wonderful weekend.  Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into this extraordinary experience. I enjoyed the space and the company.  There was a fair amount that I had not heard of or considered before, it is very useful to learn about. Having lunch provided by Yvonne was a true gift! The walk was pun intended. I felt a power/energy all around me as we walked in silence. Especially coming up from the earth & sort of cocooning me! “   Kelly Donaldson (Yoga Teacher)


“The weekend was perfect, the space where we practiced was warm and welcoming, as were all the yogis. I felt comfortable enough to fully participate, join in conversations, share thoughts and experiences, and it was my first time meeting everyone!  It really was the best yoga retreat I have ever attended, and I have attended many. Thanks so much, I hope I get to study with you again.”
Judi Clooney (Yoga Teacher)


“Thank you, thank you to one and all for a truly inspirational fun filled heart is filled tonight with a renewed feeling of love and relaxation.  I'm so grateful to you especially , Jody, for leading us always in such a powerful practice.”     Sylvia Howse   (Yoga Teacher)


“It was a wonderful weekend but it went too quickly! I really needed the inspiration and it was wonderful to meet all the other teachers.”   Lynne Bowditch (Yoga Teacher)




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