"AYTT was the perfect fit for me, as yoga is, for me, not just a physical workout. It has become a journey of self-discovery, a way of life. I loved to learn to teach asanas safely, but also delving into the Yoga Sutras; the embodied anatomy was great. Pranayama, chakras and meditation are sustaining my life. I loved the program; it brought me joy, and I ventured deeper into my yoga because of it." ~ Monika Boehringer, Graduate


We are excited to support you in discovering and inspiring your inner teacher.


Yoga and all of life exists in relationship – that we have with ourselves, Source (in whatever name we know it) and with each other. Becoming a yoga teacher deepens our relationship with all of these. It is part of the reason that an in-person yoga teacher training is so profoundly transforming for so many.


Our program is designed to foster personal growth and excellence in yoga teaching. Graduates tell us they feel absolutely ready to teach when they leave, while feeling a deep connection to Yoga and Yoga community.



  • Two extraordinary 10-day residential immersion experiences/yoga-training retreats designed for deep embodiment and integration; perfect for those who are coming from away


  • Experiential and multi-faceted approach to meet a variety of learning needs


  • Inclusive: we welcome participants of all ages and abilities, knowing that personal experiences and challenges deeply enrich the practice, learning and teaching 


  • Unique embodied anatomy sessions


  • Supportive small group size - maximum 15


  • Commitment to Quality and Standards: the longest running yoga teacher training in the Maritimes and the first Yoga Alliance RYS 200 approved school


  • Prepares you to teach as soon as you graduate 

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During in-person training, we co-create a community rooted in trust, friendship and authenticity.


We practice showing and sharing our brilliance and vulnerability as we witness and celebrate each other in our growth and learning. 

In this rich environment of permission and trust, we may become reacquainted with lost parts of ourselves and remember what it is to feel alive in our skin again.


We learn how to best guide and hold space for others while honouring and welcoming different backgrounds and abilities.

We have the rare privilege of witnessing each other in personal transformation - in the opening of body, mind and heart. 

Together we practice seeing and being seen in our light and shadow, experiencing and embodying the true meaning of Namaste.


The light within me sees and honours that same light in you…


Graduates of our program have introduced yoga to all corners of the Atlantic Provinces and abroad, bringing the practice to their communities, fostering the growth of yoga for all ages and ranges of abilities and establishing their own yoga spaces and studios.


Some of our graduates have gone on to specialize and teach in such areas as Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Children, Yoga in the Schools, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Patients, Yoga for Round Bodies, Yoga for Prison Staff,  Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan and much more, continuing to teach and share the practice all across Canada.

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"I've learned how to sit properly, details of postures, breathing techniques, history & philosophy, Chakras, anatomy. I learned to love myself for who I am. Learned that I am complete. Loving yoga even more. To be able to know that I am all I need. I am complete just the way I am. Nothing was not beneficial -- everything had its reasons and was very well planned." ~ Sylvie Cormier, Graduate   


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