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AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Your Invitation



“The spiritual path is a process. You are always in a state of becoming. So even though you may leave here as a yoga teacher, remain a student, because you’re still growing, still forming, still on your way to becoming a beautiful masterpiece. If you love yoga, love what you are teaching, this process will happen naturally because you will always want to perfect what you are learning." ~ Swami Kripalu



Dedicating yourself to intentionally and skillfully hosting spaces for uniquely personal experiences of spiritual transformation is calling, an art and a practice. 

It is a great and most sacred honour. 
Beautiful. Profound. Humbling. 

A passageway in to the deepest mysteries of the heart…

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Becoming a yoga teacher is a deep dive into the heart of life and living.


It is an embodied “Yes!” in answer to the questions of BIG love. It is a dance of surrender and uncompromising acceptance. It combines an insatiable thirst for Truth and knowledge with a cherished respect for The Divine Mysteries. 

Becoming a yoga teacher is compassion in action, sustained by character and commitment and a hearty dose of curiosity. Mostly, it is being willing to be “seen” as you are and sharing the gift of You, allowing the practice of yoga to express its wisdom, spirit and joy through You.

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We look forward to discovering and celebrating the yoga teacher within you as we learn together in a supportive and collaborative community.

Thank you for being part of the long lineage of seekers and wise guides throughout the ages who have chosen this path.



AYTT - Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training - Your Invitation



What does it mean to hold the teachings
of past masters? Links in a chain that
stretches back in time, we walk the fine
line between honoring what came before
and birthing a new vision as vast as the
dance of the deities.

What keeps a lineage vibrant, enlivens
practices with the energy of truth and
transformation? What weaves individual
souls into the whole cloth of tradition,
and a great work moving forward
through the ages?

It is remembrance and the willingness to let go of form. It is bold dreams and fearless action. It is taking the teachings into the fray of everyday life, saying yes to what the moment holds. It is intractable chaos and creative commitment. It is blazing a trail, bushwhacking in the dark without a flashlight. It is riding a wave of truth with the power to change the landscape and the lives of all it touches.

Whether we chose the path or it chose us, we can shake the dust from our feet and walk forward - each step a part of the
lineage unfolding.

-Danna Faulds, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Writer & Poet

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